EX3 Lifestyle Amenities

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    Ground Floor Double
    Height Lobby Lounge
  • null
    Outdoor Garden Lounge with
    BBQ & Seating
  • null
    Modern Fitness Facility and Yoga Room
  • null
    Outdoor Fitness Facility
  • null
    Meditation Lounge
  • null
    Co-working Space with
    Private Pods and Garden Stations
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    Social Gathering Lounge
    & Catering Kitchen
  • null
    Hydrotherapy Rooms
  • null
    24-hour concierge
  • null
    Cold Storage Room (for Food Delivery)
  • null
    5 high-speed elevators with custom designed cabs
  • null
    Private Elevator Lobby
    for Signature Suites
  • null
    Spacious Parcel room
  • null
    Pet wash and spa
  • null
    Geothermal Heating

Amenities by Floor


01. Lobby Entrance
02. Ground Floor Double Height Lobby Lounge
03. 24H Concierge
04. Cold Storage Room (for Food Delivery)
05. Spacious Parcel Room
06. 5 High Speed Elevators with Custom Designed Cabs
07. Signature Suites Private Elevator Lobby


01. Social Gathering Lounge
02. Kitchen
03. Private Dining Room
04. Outdoor Fitness Facility & Meditation Lounge
05. Outdoor Garden Lounge
06. Women’s Change Room
07. Men’s Change Room
08. Men’s Hydrotherapy Room
09. Women’s Hydrotherapy Room
10. Yoga Room
11. Fitness Facility
12. Women’s Sauna
13. Men’s Sauna
14. Outdoor Co-Working Garden
15. Co-Working Space With Private Pods
16. Outdoor Lounge With Bbq & Seating


*If you are working with a Real Estate Agent and have not listed the name of your Agent at the time of registration, then no Agent will be compensated should you purchase.